Snoqualmie Falls

A brief history of Snoqualmie Falls. A walk threw of the entire area if you ever intend on traveling to the area. Know where to park for free and possibly have a better time by knowing what to actually expect of your small hike.



This is a walk threw of downtown Tacoma and a few place where I usually come to unwind. I will start with the Tacoma Dome, LeMay Americas Car Museum, Freight house square, 1/2 million books, and jump on the link for two stop to visit the ART District and wind down with a cup of coffee in the Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) with a view of Mt, Rainier that is only know to me and few locals that visit the TAM as much as I do.

Rattle Snake Ridge

A few trail to explore at Rattle Snake. The distance star at 1.9 miles, 2.4 miles and for the very experienced hiker their is a 8.3 mile on a very friendly road. Very clean and maintained trails with to way to get lost but a really fun way to challenge anyones endurance.