Canon EOS 80D Beginners mistakes.

I had my Camera now for about 2 weeks. I have taken more picture that I could go threw myself and edit. One I don’t really know exactly how to us Photo shop and two allot of what I take is not really good. I have notice that I shoot random things that don’t really mean anything. They are just shoots of me walking threw a area and I just want to take a picture because the image is there. It’s almost like instant gratification of using my own camera. Not because the picture will be good or that I plan on doing anything with it but just because I can.


This is just one of my random pictures. That is a SPIN bike in Fremont WA.

This simple mistake has given me hours of pointless work. When you first get a new toy you over play with it. I think that is why I have been taking so many picture with my camera. So I been trying to take shoots with a purpose. Sounds very easy but it’s not. When you have a shiny new toy you will find excuses to take it out of the bag. Yes! you will! I know I do all day long. For no reason and I have been make more pointless work for myself. I really have been filling up my hardrive with a ton of images that I wish could go towards somthing usful but they don’t becuse I don’t plan on doing anything with them.


This is my older camera. The Canon EOS Kiss X2.


My original lens that came with the Kiss X2. The Tamron lens on the side are my new edition.

Mistake number 1. Have self control over your impulses. It will save you a ton of time. Everyone can use an extra hour of sleep or just go out and watch a movie. I been trying to go see Blade Runner 2049 since it came out but I usually am craming more Math or extra reading at night.


Another Mistake that I have been doing is transporting my camera around. Sounds simple right. They give you a strap that goes on your camera. So just put it on your neck right! No….. Hell No! That strap will have you in the hospital if you do that. That is for your arm and elbow. You need to invest in a way better strap. (T.T) I wish I could but  I can’t. With so many selections I only wish that I had and extra $60.00. The reality is that I don’t so. I use that one that came with the camera. Their are a ton of set ups so you can transport your camera. Know how about your lenses or if you have and older camera. Charger, head phones, batteries, and a water bottle. Well this one is a must for anyone who is serious in taking really good shoots. That is a bag. Know you can get away with the strap but not the bag. I went into debt getting this bag. Its from Manfrotto and Italian Company that makes amazing Camera bags, tripods, lights and other accessories. Go to and you check out some of their stuff. It can be really expensive this bag allot was $249.00 but it has been an amazing week with it.


Manfrotto logo


The outside of the bag has for a tripod. So I can attack it to the outside if I ever plan to be outside all day. Which is often:)


I took of the the tripod straps and the zipper is really strong. One way opening. So you can access all your stuff fast.

Mistake number 2. Not knowing how to transport your equipment or not have any experience with your new toys. This was not and easy fix because it cost me allot of money. At this point if your have gotten the Camera the bag and the strap. You can take it anywhere without becoming a hassle. I just feel like this is only going to be more expensive as I go. So if you don’t plan on using this for work. I would not recomend that you go this far. I plan on taking pictures for my college and aventualy for a firm so as to display my Architectural display models and or to have display specific building qualities. I do think that photagrahy is beeing  used in my field to convey a stronger message to the masses. This tool will only go up with time and the lens that come are not cheap.


One zipper goes all the way around the bag and in the top it goes at an angle.

I first I did not know exactly how to put in my things. All of the compartments are velcro so you can rearrange them any way you want.


This is my set up with both of my cameras and all of my lens. I even have space  for my charger and water proof bag. Just in case I ever get stuck in the rain.


I like this set up because I can open the top and just pull my best camera out from the top. If I ran out of batteries than I open the whole bag and pull out my other one.


When the bag is fully open you can put other things on this small mesh pouches. I usually put in my ear phones and lip balm. You can put your cell or a notepad with pen. It has an option for an Ipad or 13 inch display laptop.

Finally I have another good advice for anyone that want’s a new DSLR camera. Lens are not as easy as point and shoot. If you don’t know how to fully use your lens. You might as well be using you Iphone to take the picture. Which suck to here. I myself have not been taking full advantage of my lens. I still learning how to manipulate certain settings to make my pictures the best that they can be. The weather have been bad these days but I should be manipulating my pictures more. The truth is that it is extremely hard. Most classes are in the hundreds of dollars and or the book knowledge is time consuming witch might not give you the results you want. Whatever makes you get over this learning curve. Go for it and if your successful. You will be a much better photographer.


Even if you have this line up your picture could be average if you don’t know how to use them.

Mistake number 3. Learning how to use your lens. Will give you a better sense of control over your work. It will do what you want to do not what it wants to do. If you can master this variable. Which I am working hard at it. My pictures will be brighter.


This lens is amazing at close ups. WoW… I love it but I still need work to realize its full potential.


For building I use this one. The weight of this lens come almost any building. It’s good but their are way better ones than this for building.

These are 3 mistake that could have same me both time and energy. Yet they are essential if you plan on taking good picture images. So take it from me! It’s not the equipment that takes amazing images. It’s people who have learned to use their equipment to the fullest that can make images that are breath taking and amazing. So whatever you might use this camera for, the more you know about it, the better you will be at producing what you want.


Every one has to start somewhere!


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