Harry Todd Park

I know everyone goes to the park but me and my kids really enjoy our park. We love to go down for a walk or just a stroll in our bicycle or our little red wagon. I been living here for more than a year and I have more pictures than I thought I had of the park. We go to it so often that I should have more pictures. Yet I capture enough really good memories to cherish over a life time. My children will grow up and have wonderful memories in our little cottage like house. I’m not rich or am the greatest dad for my kids. These days I feel like I’m at school even when I come home. Like my life have been consumed with my studies and nothing much. Yet I still want to do more with my kids. I don’t want my daughter in daycare. So when I go to that park with them. I really enjoy my time with them and I like the travel to the park its almost therapeutic in a way.


A few days after we moved into our new home. My best friend in Spanaway trade me this sweet ride when we had a yard sale day. Thankx Rafael!!!


IMG_7868 My little red Wagon.


Enjoying American lake.


About a year ago when the lake Monster was down on his luck. No doing so well in need of a paint job.


chilling on the Tillicum Monster. Freshly painted a few weeks ago.


Displaying her Team Tillicum shirt


Working on his Camera time.


I love this view.


My girl is watching all the row boats.


There was some kind of row boat contest today.


My baby girl when she was 2.









Back packing






My boy giving me a speech. lol…


Swimming is fun! I love this place and the people are super chill.

The park has been a nice way to burn off some of that most unwanted energy. My kids love the small hill and to me it gives me some really good memories of when I was in the service. I used to love going up the hills but know it seem like some of the worst time in my life. Yes! I’m a bit out of shape. My kids can run up and down way better than I can. I only wish there where more public spaces in our tiny community. This community is growing and more public options would only make it better.


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