Fremont Troll

If you are ever in Seattle Washington and your wonder off into the Fremont neighborhood. You might find a troll. Under a bridge so don’t park your care under it’s home because he is notorious for snagging up VW beetles. lol.. By design of course.

Me and my kids took a stroll down to Fremont and check out The Troll under the north end of the Aurora Ave. Bridge in Seattle. The Troll has resided in the Fremont neighborhood under the bridge on N. 36th Street an Troll Avenue N.

It was constructed in the 1990 and was created by Seattle artists Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead.Β 


After going around for a bit we found parking. This is a few blocks form our actual destination


On 36th St. you can see the bridge from far away. Its a beautiful concrete land mark.


In the corner of N 36th St.


And Troll Ave N…. You will usually see a crowd under a bride!


The view form the under the bridge is amazing.


Kids will usually be amazed and start jumping. Climbing is next.


The troll has one eye. It’s made out of a hub cab and it looks like its always looking at you.


You can also go around it.


My kids are going the distance.



VW beetle love.


Sand pit!


behind the troll is like a giant sand pit. Super kid friendly and I don’t know if that is by design but today was a day my kids will remember.



The view from the side. I always thought that the trolls nose was flat. It actually stick out quit a bit. The design was really sturdy for being around all this time there is not that much apparent damage.

There is much more to be seen at the Fremont neighborhood but I was really interested in this troll because of my son. He has been reading Pete and Larry and he has been asking me to come and I finally come around with some extra time. So I finally gave in and said yes. So I really enjoy the area and all the friendly people that make this community so unique.


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