Team Tillicum

This is one of many family that is helping make Tillicum neighborhood a better place to live and work. We plan to live here for a long time and my son has already started going to grade school. Awesome! I only wish I was done with college so I can spend more time with him going out on walks and taking him to explore the city. Yet I hate myself for buying him the Ipad. T.T) Kids don’t need smart phones they need smarter parents that move around and actually do stuff. Like traveling, exploring there own neighborhoods, making better communities, making relationships with others, hiking, biking and anything that can expand our senses. Yet I’m in college doing my Precalculus because I did not have those course offered in my public education. So as and adult its actually harder to grasp the formulas and concepts. I should be teaching my kids how to cook, make a fire out in the wood, learning about plants and bugs. I’m trying hard to do it all but I feel like I can do more. So I will come at it again tomorrow. Not hating myself but knowing that I’m not perfect and that I can always do more. I will never stop and that makes me better than the person who gave up or is frozen with fear.


Meet the Navarrette’s!


Growing trees!:)


Team Tillicum brought to you by Habitat, lows and many more.Β 


chow down.




The Tillicum Monster of the lake.Β 


Tomorrow is another day and I will do more. I have a few pumpkins to carve and I have a whole day to spend with my Rugrats. I don’t how I can teach my children more art or any art because growing up. I never learned how to express myself in any art form so I can only teach my kids repetition. Yet I don’t want to cause them to lose interest in there future studies.Β IMG_1114


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