The Glass Museum in TACOMA WA



This is the start of a great day! When I first visited this area. Those black cone looking things in the back ground where filled with this little stickers. I graved one and it said glass Museum in 2012. So I showed my wife but she was interest in the coffee place right in front of us. So  we graved a some pizzas and coffee at the Anthem cafe.

I asked the barista, “What is the Glass Museum”!?

He look at me. Then her turned around and pointed at some windows.

I turn to see what he was pointing at. I look through the long window and I saw some chairs and tables. Then I looked even close because he looked serious and I din’t think he was joking. I saw a cone like building,  past the chairs and tables and then it all clicked.

“Its that cone shaped building right on the other side of this bridge”. He said.

I was like I have to check that place out. After coffee and I still have to find a way to convince the wife because we are going to spend some of our vacation money here and is going to take away from what we will be able to do in downtown Seattle. (This is all going on in my mind of course! lol…)

I don’t think I ever hear of this Museum!

The Barista said, “It’s and awesome place to go check out if you never seen anyone blow glass”.


That is the Glass Museum! @>.<@)

AAAAHHH! that explains that cone on the sticker! Yeap… I totally felt like a tourist in 2012… We literally walk past it and I never even noticed it. I was really amazed at the shape of it and because we just had gotten to the state. I was amazed that anyone would allow such a beautiful piece of Art to even be constructed. Most cities are just the like that square brick building on the side. That is safe and that will be constructed almost any where all  you need is the money for the materials and the permits are going to fly threw. Without a sweat all your permits signed and your brick building will be constructed. So i thought to myself. As I enjoyed my coffee and we ate our pizza on the chair outside. WoW! Tacoma is a beautiful city. The public transportation is really good. Their is a tram that will take you threw the whole downtown and back to free parking. The Tacoma dome station has a really big Park and Ride that you can park your car for free and ride any form of public transportation. They encourage people  to get out of their cars and drive less. I was thinking this is already the ever green state but only smart people think about the future. They want to preserve the landscape and promote public transportation. Some really progressive smart people where on board and fighting to put more public transportation at the time. I only wish that they had made more progress because of the growth from 2012 threw 2017 has been none stop!


This is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass.


At night the Chihuly Bridge of glass light up. As well as any seats the are on the ground for easy visibility.


This reminds me of some type of rock candy that can be admired by anyone and the clouds on this sunny day are amazing.


Stunning almost like ice petrified in time. Yet they are all hole! Almost look like if they are weightless creations in the air.


That is where my adventure  will takes you.


looking back on this bridge is a stunning view! That is the union station on my right.

So me and my wife went over threw the bridge and down the stair looking for the entrace and if its  your first time. You might actually want to go down the stairs or threw the elavator and feel lost after a minute walk.


The air vents from the parking lot under ground. Also those lighter color glass that connect to the Museum is a corridor that you can come in and watch people make glass. It’s part of the admission fee which is really interactive and hot. So take off your sweater or come in the winter. Today on this nice sunny day is not the best day to go inside due to the heat of the ovens.


This is it! We arrived.


Hello world!


The top of the Museum is made like that to extract the heat form the inside. The have this giant ovens that work all the time. Every time I visit they have new Artist collaborations from around the world make new art forms and or displaying their own creations. Plus they make actual pieces that stay on display or get donated to the Museum.


They almost look like dragon scales not all the same exact color. Which adds to the beauty of the building.


This area is probly the size of a football field with no grass in sight. The kids don’t minds and just do what they do best.


That small roof is the elevator entrance. From the front of it its looks like a spear of some sort. With a metallic glow to is. If a person in the futuristic SciFi channel has a spear it would look like this because of its rare metals. Know form the back side it looks like a whale tail. I will have to take that image later but I always tell my some that a robotic whale is in the building. We just can’t seem to ever find it.


Every time we go down they go up. lol..


Almost at the bottom!


From the bottom.



This cylinder are a water fountain that you have to touch. If you want to get wet!


But if you want to watch a sunset like no other this is the place to do it. You will be surprise!


This guys has been working really at making that shape and adding the color to the big baseball cup. Its going to be a giant cup that looks like a base ball.


The baseball stitching is going to be gold.


On this side this group is making the base and then they are going to join both pieces and it looks like its going to break. So they do their magic and it dose no t break. The suspense was worth the wait and it looks spectacular!


The heat up both pieces one more time before spinning them together.


I just love this piece. It’s one of my favorite! The picture does not do it justice. When you look at the black and and clear class its like looking it something out of a horror movie. It looks so real yet nothing is going to come out. It’s not a raining window and you can’t go threw it but dame if you could this looks like you could. The squid adds to it but the center of this piece was a real find.


To some people this looks like paint but its not and their for this is a really complicated piece. Because you have to be a professional glass maker to get this straight lines. The patterns are just made for my wall if I could only afford these I would.

There you have it! The Glass Museum and our adventure there. So here are some fun facts. To know about this building.


The Museum of Glass is a 75,000-square-foot art museum in Tacoma, Washington dedicated to the medium of glass. This Museum was established in 2002. The Architect responsible for this beautiful cone shape marvel is Arthur Charles Erickson. Born June 14, 1924 and pasted away May 20, 2009 in Vancouver Canada. In his country of origin. I have visited this museum so many times and the surrounding areas and I have come to love all of the old building and the new ones. Downtown Tacoma Washington is and will always be my second home. I love going on walks on a sunny day or a bike ride. The city restaurants have a special for most day for anyone riding a bike. Sweet perk for any bike friendly people out their. This city rewards all the hungry bike riders with a ton of discounts and free food.

The time a hours are down below if you ever want to swing by and take a look or tour of the Glass Museum. Also I have a quick hyper link to google just in case that my time become obsolete and I my times don’t reflect the actual time. This times where acurate when I posted them on 25th October, 2017. Things happen and places change their schedule all the time. So call ahead of time to verify your times.

Architect: Arthur Erickson
Address: 1801 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402
Established: 2002


Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10AM–5PM
Thursday 10AM–5PM
Friday 10AM–5PM
Saturday 10AM–5PM
Sunday 12–5PM
Monday Closed

On another sunny day me and my babies are enjoying a cookie and coffee. Well I am enjoying a nice cold vanilla ice coffee. My girl has and orange juice.


This table umbrellas are such a nice choice. Red is such a contrast to this concert land scape.

This is a place that I have visited allot and that is very special to me. My son was 2 when he first came down the Chihuly Bridge and I can only imagine what it was like for him to explore this new area. Somedays are cloudy and some days are not but most cities make those days better or worst. This has been one of the places that the weather dose not matter!:)


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