Chihuly Garden and Glass

So down town Seattle is home to the Space needle, the Pacific Science Center, Key Arena, the Museum of PoP Culture (MOPOP), Pike Place market, and many more attractions. This place is kind of hidden right next to the Space needle. You really have to look because of the gate. It really look like a green wall of plants that is part of a small Restaurant and on the other side you might even walk into the Pacific Science center because of the giant white Arches that are like a flame to a moth. It reminds me of Rivendell the Elf city from the Lord of the Ring’s.  So I usually wind going to the Pacific Science Center. My kids love the the space set ups they have. Also dehydrated cookies and other snacks that you can only find their. Anyone want some crickets. Real crickets are not that bad! So if you ever find this garden you will be glad you went in. Come early and enjoy a nice coffee inside their coffee shop and enjoy the stunning views. Unique to Seattle Washington.
Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor and entrepreneur. His works are considered to possess outstanding artistic merit in the field of blown glass, “moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture.”

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