Robi’s Camera Shop


The Roof is just a piece of Art. The right size has a 90 degree angle that looks a bit odd but it matches its own individual style. Hey as longs as their is not leaks! *.^


In fall the trees look so nice on a side by side to the red roof. I can’t believe I was around to watch this amazing tree turn red and shed most of it’s leafs. 

This is a shop that is very near and dear to my hearth. I been going to this shop for a few years and they have answered so many of my questions! Ranging from… How do you use a DSLR? How do you change this lens? What’s the difference from this camera and that one? They always answer my question but make me think about 1 to 2 other questions. That is what a good shop should in fact have anyone interested in a subject do. Question things and come back with brand new perspectives that you might have never even thought about because you where in your comfort zone just doing what you have always done. Which is nothing new and when you do the same old task your mind creates a paradigm and it stays there. You can be in the same loop of a platform and just know how to take one short cut or you could learn your whole city. A maze of short cuts. Well that is how I felt learning about cameras at this shop. I felt like I was learning new things constantly and really learning things. When you watch a YouTube video and you get a glimpse at what a certain thing is but you can’t find a follow up video. Well in this situation I had the knowledge of 3 expert photographers who knew everything I needed to learn, it was all in real time and it was if all the follow up videos where actually their. No searching required and loading or even a missing video. I love YouTube but sometimes their are gaps of information. This was a constant flow of information that I was in need of.


The browns and whits under a red roof are just stunning. The brick column that meet the large wooden studs and the golden letter suspended above the massive door. This whole shop has and architecture that has such detail. 


From the windows to the odd shaped windows by the door. To the column of brick that hold the wight of the building. Nothing seem out of place as you would expect form a well put together structure. 

There is always a million places to go on line but to go in person and actually see what you need help with and actually seeing how it works in your own hands. That actual feeling of a certain camera and of the print can actually make or break your choice. Either you completely fall in love or you just come out hating the product. Especially if your a hands on guy sometimes you want to actually feel what you are working with. You want to touch the corners of the product. You want to see the carful craftsmanship of the products and what it would be like to hold this camera for about 3 hours or more. I was visualizing me going up a small hill in the snow and having the product in my hands and what I would do with it. How much time would I really spend with this object and is it actually worth the asking price. I came out with allot of Knowledge out of many product that I really did not even know existed and broaden my views. With new name and other brand that I have watched countless other YouTube reviews but I would have never wondered of my YouTube beaten path because I would have never clicked on something name Manfrotto. This is by far one of my favorite brands. That make allot of camera accessories and I own a few tripods and my camera bag. I don’t want to dive to deep into this brand but since I been coming to this shop I have learned that they are one of the leading when in come to reliable accessories. Their parts and brand goes the extra mile when it come to great product.


Inside you can find allot of name brands that you might not be familiar with and a very nice display of lens, tripods and bags.

I will never buy anything sony. Allot of people will but I wont. When it come to DSLR’s I will either go #Canon or #Nikon hands down. I prefer Canon over Nikon but I will not bother with Sony. Also allot of the sony product overheat and just shut down in the middle of you shooting a video. What good is a 4K camera that is not on when you need it. I can see why Canon is taking it’s time to make more cameras that do 4K. If I buy an overheats shoot photos or videos. That I’m SOL out out of a few grand and that is a few years of me working to make that up and I would be stuck with a product that overheats. This is just me. I will never own another Sony ever.


I love older cameras and I one day would like to have a collection of them. Not because I need them but because I find their history to be very interesting.

Actually compare something size by size, to its competitor is very valuable to a beginner. Yes once you know a bit more and you tested the waters a bit more you can anchor off and go on your own. This has been the case for me. I’m not  as familiar with this subject of Cameras and lens. So having this shop so close to my house has been and essential part of my learning experience. I will soon have more than enough knowledge to brach of on my own and never need the comfort of a nest that this shop has given me.


Taking in just one day at a time!

This is what happens to anyone in a new subject. Getting past the initial curve of fear and not really knowing how to do something. Will in fact stun your learning and this was me for a bit and if it was not for this shop. Also my best friend Edward that took me out on a photo shooting spring threw the Streets of Seattle with his trusty Camera. I would not have purchase my first DSLR or even done so well on some of my speeches for my speech class. This is a very cool tool to have for anyone in college and I have seen it evolve with time which makes it really rewarding and has been an extremely fun ride. I been having a great time learning new tricks and figuring out how it works. This whole advantage has been a blast and I can’t believe its only been a month.



2 thoughts on “Robi’s Camera Shop

  1. Adrian Navarrette says:

    Thank you so much for reading my story. I’m supper happy that you enjoyed it and that you also like my pictures. I’m very happy to hear that your wife is getting into photography and this store is a perfect place to check out some really cool gear. You guys can also pick my brain any time for some helpful tips on DSLR’s. Especially Canon! 🙂


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