Rattle Snake Ridge


This is an amazing hike! I love this newly discovered area! 🙂 Thanks to my best friend Edward!IMG_3935

The trail goes through the forest with views of the Cedar River watershed, Mount Si, Mount Washington, Rattlesnake Lake and Chester Morse Lake.


The view from the top of the Rattlesnake Ridge with no light! Except this small town and it looks amazing but this picture does compare to the real deal of actually seeing it light up.


This is better lighting but it was cloudy all day! I was hoping that the sun would show up. It still look really nice…….


In between a crack that I had to jump over and I almost fell in. So I had to capture this place!@.@)

For anyone that does not know Mount Si is a mountain in the U.S. state of Washington. It lies on the western margin of the Cascade Range just above the coastal plains around Puget Sound, and towers over the nearby town of North Bend.


View from the bottom of the park

The views are just stunning as you approach the parking area, you have a view of Rattlesnake Ledge’s sheer rock face across Rattlesnake Lake and thats just on your way to park on your car. The views and scenery become more and more rewarding as you climb hire and hire.


Testing the DJI Spark! ^^


The DJI Spark from the bottom of the mountain was amazing views.


Shoot with my Canon 80D and used a ZHIYUN Crane 2.


Star making your way up to the mountain as early as possible but be really carful with absolutely no light visibility. If you plan on coming early. Most people take to the trails after 8 ish and I should have done the same but I wanted to see the sunrise. I really wanted to see the sun but remember it is still Washington and the odds of you seeing the sun is slim to none. We where thinking that the rain would clear up and give way to this giant yellow thing in the sky that doesn’t show up that much in this area. The sun obviously! lol…. The rained cleared up to a cloudy day with just amazing views but I will visit it a bit more often in hopes of finding a perfect sunny day!


This was on our way home! We are all cold, wet and very dirty. Time to load up. I could not take this picture in the morning because their was no light.


Manfrotto bag took a beating and is totally wet but the inside is super dry. The ZHIYUN Crane 2 case is super sturdy but the inside was a bit wet. I won’t ever be bring this case on a long hike ever again. My ARMY 2 QUART CANTEEN IS MY FAVORITE WATER SOURCE. I like it more than a camel pak.

From the parking lot, walk a short distance around the north end of Rattlesnake Lake to the trailhead on the northwest side of the lake. There you will find bathrooms and portable potties. This is where your journey begins and the reason that they have bathrooms next to portable potties is that they close their bathrooms in the evenings and the portable restrooms are open 24/7. I figure that one out when I was trying to get in the restrooms early in the morning only to find a giant lock and as I turned around we walk into a row of portable restrooms. Across form that is very informative wall with maps, trail information and the history of the area.


I was really happy to see this spot on my way back down!

To the right of that is a wooden sign with “RATTLESNAKE MTN TRAIL” and your trail distance options. Three awesome choices!


EAST PEAK                          4.3



This is the begging of my adventure.

As you go up, you will sig sag your way threw the mountain and you will see this little tiny white triangles that refract light with the distance going up that you have climbed.


I spotted this distance markers by mistake! on the triangle there is a distance and its also good to know if your not sure if your going the right way. It is rely easy to go off the trail in the dark!

You will see a 1 mile and and a few other but I really din’t pay much attention to them because I was just happy to see my progress. That was my motivation. To see my progress as I got closer and closer to the top. There will be a few places where you can look down on Rattlesnake Lake and appreciate your progress. There are allot of wooden log benches made into the mountain to appreciate your water breaks and the views. Take a load off and look around that area those log seats are their because the area might just be a nice little view point that might make you say; “WOW THAT’S NICE”!!!


I wanted to take this picture closer to the river but the edge of the river is covered with thorn bushes and I already ripped my only rain jacket. So I settled for this image. 🙂

At 1.9 miles you will reach a signed and that is where a choice will be made. Will I go up hire or do you stay and explore?!? So many choices!^^)

I was done for the day and the rain made it clear that the sun was not showing up. My shoes where already wet, my spare sock also got wet and my bags where so wet that they where starting to feel heavier. So I stayed put, I explored the area and made the best out of that morning.


I made it! If you go 1.9 miles up and this is the sign that you will see. I was super happy!


This is my friend checking his gear, he  is super wet and he is so ready to head back down.

The ledge is a very exposed, almost no vegetation and the trees are almost a dark back drop to a very clean area. It almost feels a bit unnatural, like if I was in another planet and yet I never left this planet. As I approached this very clear area the wind hit me and my hearth started raising. My adrenaline was up and I was in full alert. I took my time approaching this area. All my steps where accurately placed and measured. The rock was very slippery and almost felt a bit polished and I stumble across a large rock that has sheers running across it. All of this massive rock formations make up this stunning cliffs. I look at the bottom, It was really intimidating to look at and the wind din’t help make that situation any better.

I was amazed at the scenery and I could not believe that I made it up. We started very early and we where the first at the site. We waited in the rain hoping that the sun would show up and make our travel worth the travel. Yet in the darkness I could not stop looking at the clouds, the rain was coming down and I could see the cloud. The wind was making them look like tumble weeds, rolling and mixing with mist and fog. I don’t know which was which but you can tell the difference between mist and fog. They look very different. In some of my picture you can see the fog on the tree tops and above the tree tops I could see the clouds. Yet the rain was coming down from the clouds and it was hitting the fog. The wind was insanely erratic and unpredictable that I was surprised ever time it hit me so it made for hell of show in the sky. I’m really happy that we stopped in that area.


This area is just beautiful!

If you are feeling brave the trail to East Peak is 2.4 miles away, or the ridge traverse to Snoqualmie Park, is 8.3 miles away.


This is another cracked rock that you would pass.

I frankly have not done anything physical in a very long time and this very short trail test me to my limit. I really enjoyed the challenge and it was really fun. I was so exiting to make it to the top. I slipped twice trying to make the sunrise in the dark and their are a few spots where you will be walking on water. So a few spare pairs of socks are essential to this hike. Overall I would love to do this again and maybe even go hire to the East Peak.



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