When I am in the Tacoma Dome Station I always have a really nice day’s! It’s one of my favorite places too visit. So I visit it very often because of the multiple public areas and all of the public transportation that is readily available. This is an amazing public transportation HUB. That should be followed OR copied by other Cities and States. By coming to the Tacoma Dome Station I have access to; Pierce Transit, which are my local bus lines and many other connecting bus transfer options, the Express buses to SeaTac or Seattle to Everett, the Tacoma light rail (It’s completely FREE to ride and you can catch it every 15 minutes all day long), the Grey hound bus terminal, the Amtrak station and even the Sounder commuter train (Double decker, state of the art train line)! This is all with in a few blocks and all of these areas are open to the public.  I usually take my car to the Park and Ride (PR). The PR is a garage where you can leave your car while you enjoy a day using public transportation. I usually us the Tacoma Link. With so many options for public transportation you can don’t alway need to really heavily on one option. Within in a short walking distance you could be in any public area  which you could spend all day long. I like to admire the sandwich of the city all of the working parts that come together almost seamlessly to create this beautiful colors that make up this concrete jungle, or sketch a new building that I have overlooked and just take it all in. I was reading a book on perspective and their was a quote about a man does not know a place until he has sketched it. This might be a bit off because I don’t really remember that quote. In my mind, I was puzzle and full of curiosity. So I took my sketching a bit more serious and I have been paying more attention to the actual buildings I sketch and I know them better than any other places. Places that I have spend more time in. For a sketch takes more time and you really go into the details of a building. I really take in more when I slow down and drawing bring me down to earth. I literally lose track of time when I’m enjoying the sites and destinations. Next thing I know I’m scrambling to come back home and prepare for my next adventure.


This is the big picture!


Their are so many good places to eat in the FREIGHTHOUSE SQUARE and I stop by once in a while. I try to eat at different places every time I get a chance. I enjoy the diversity of different food and this place has just that. They have everything from fish and chips, Teriyaki, Tacoma’s best burgers, coffee, Assorted teas, fine dinning (The Olive Branch) and Mexican food.


The Olive Branch is the last place to eat and is the last door. Which is only accessible threw this entrance.


One of the most original places that I have ever eaten in. The only place that tops this experience was some of the places I got to eat in Japan. Everything in the olive branch is hand picked and its a blast from the past.


You can wait for you train in good company!


Every time I pass by I can hear the classical music playing. I smell all of the food and I imagine the big cabinet full of unique tea combinations. When you order tea you have to pick the flavor you want, in this giant cabinet like wardrobe, which if full of jars that have, so many blends and different flavors. It’s like a HarryPotter type deal but its really cool.



The Tacoma Link is a 1.6-mile light rail line located in Tacoma, Washington. Completed in 2003, this streetcar line connects Theater District Station to the Tacoma Dome Station which has a PR and a parking garage. “IT’S ALL FREE, NO FEE’s”!


The Tacoma Light Rail Station.

The parking garage is also know as the PR which is a place where you can park your car for FREE and never worry about paying for a parking toll or think about it getting towed away for some weird reason. Stress free traveling and best of all no worries. The Transit hub is a really big connection for allot of buses. I usual us the Sound Transit (ST) Express buses to Seattle. Which are a dream come true!


The Tacoma Link Light Rail Station on the left and the Park an Ride on the right.

If you ever been stuck in Seattle traffic nothing will get there faster than a very fast bus that has a few stops and a SPIN BIKE. My favorite express buses are the 594 or the 574. The 594 can takes me from the Lakewood station to the, Tacoma Dome station or it can take me to 4th and Pike in Seattle. Which is what I usually like doing. Sometime I don’t even ride my car to the PR, I just walk a block and catch the 206 to lakewood town center and catch the 590 and got to Seattle. The 574 was taking my wife to the airport when she was work and is the preferred method when we travel. We just take the 574 and then we board on the plain, not sweat and no stress. So this is why these are my two favorite Sound Transit Express buses.



 A local architects McGranahan and Messenger completed the Tacoma Dome for $44 million. Doors opened to the Public on April 21, 1983 and it has stand the test of time.


The Tacoma Dome!

A few blocks away from the actual station you have the Tacoma Dome and all that it bring to the area. Concerts, conventions(We also have a Convention Center but it must be booked or something because they have all kind of conventions), comedians, techno dance party, college graduations, weddings and all kind of ceremonies. I love RVs so this week I will be stoping by the Tacoma RV Show in the Tacoma Dome!^^)


Even on a cloudy day you can clearly see the Dome!


It’s also right next door the LeMAY AMERICA’S CAR MUSEUM.




Opened in June 2012 and displays 300 vehicles in various exhibits on vintage to modern automobiles. The museum pays respects to Harold LeMay’s Collection one of the world’s largest, with a permanent display entitled “Lucky’s Garage”. The rest of the collection can be viewed at the, LeMay Collections at Marymount. They are dedicated to preservation, education, exhibition, and community engagement through automobiles, memorabilia, fine arts and historical collections at the historic Marymount Military Academy.

So if your a car enthusiast you will love this museum. Dedicated to automotive and the Architecture of this building is amazing. Imagine a parking garage heated and cooled with giant window and open spaces that people walk threw and can view history. The design of the building is just a work of Art but you find hundreds of really rare cars and exibits that have been made with so much attention. The detail of and older work bench and some of the tools that we call primitive know that people used 40 years ago have already been changed and new ones have come in their place.


By design the left side it taller and the right is shorter.



I call this MechaGodzilla toe nail!


In the entrance of this building you have a cafe that I highly recommend and you get all this view at and angle. I just love the fact that thy left this inside bare and open so you can see the ribs and trust of wood exposed!



This is Tacoma’s largest used book store, we have 16,000 square feet devoted to books, including retail space, a separate internet stock, and storage for back stock and new acquisitions still to be processed.

In fiction, we have large sections for literature, poetry, mystery, science fiction, spy/suspense, children’s, westerns, and christian fiction. In non-fiction, major categories include military, western history, science, transportation, gardening and home remodeling, religion, crafts, philosophy and self help, and metaphysics.
They are one on the few remaining bookstores that is both very large with a wide selection of titles and truly independent being locally owned and operated, serving the Tacoma area for the last 20 years.


The only entrance and exit in the building!


As you can see all of the windows and door have been block off. The reason for this is that the light can damage books over time.


“1/2 A Million BOOKS”!!!! In stock that is an Insane amount of books!


Wall to wall stacks as far as the sealing can reach. They are so organized and neat!




If you ever find yourself in Tacoma Washington! The Tacoma Dome Station has so much to offer but it can be overshadowed by Seattle. Seattle is amazing and I visit it to but it’s not the only thing that makes Washington state stand out. This is just a few things you can enjoy in one of my favorite stations. So With so much to do in this one station imagine what else Tacoma has to offer if you visit one of the other stations. Know remember that the Tacoma Link has a total of 6 stations packed with really nice areas and all sorts of really cool places to visit!



  1. andrew says:

    I never knew that Tacoma had so many interesting places to visit! I’m so glad that you posted all of this information and in a very unique way. This was both very interesting and informative. I did not find it to be boring or overwhelming. I just wanted more! Yet this is all of one station. I can’t wait to read what you post on the other stations. You have inspired my next vacation and your pictures help out your story allot. You tell such a bright story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adrian Navarrette says:

      Thank you so much! That really means allot to me. Again Thank your for like my blog post and for enjoying my content. I will be doing a 1 out of 6 stops out of the Tacoma Link. I have been working on this for a little while and I was going to do a quick overview but that would not do this area any justice. I have already started on the 2nd train stop. I will be posting more on Tacoma. I also have a ton of other places and stories come up.

      Sincerely; Navarrette, Adrian, I.


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